Thanks for helping everything run smoothly!

  • Barn Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

  • NO DOGS ALLOWED! (Not even in cars. Our insurance doesn’t allow it.)

  • Please park cars in front of the barn. The west end and the wide open areas are for trucks with trailers.

  • Tie your horses on the gravel-side of your trailer, not on the grass, please.

  • Everyone must sign a liability release in order to participate in, spectate, or otherwise be on and around horses at the 770 McReynolds Road property.

  • ALL persons under age 18 and ANYONE involved in jumping activities (including cavaletti/trot pole exercises MUST wear a properly fitted riding helmet with a harness.

  • Riders must wear boots or specialized riding shoes/sneakers with heels and hard soles while working around/riding horses.

  • PARENTS MUST provide supervision for their children (under age 18) when they are not in a lesson. This means someone who is actually WATCHING the child while he/she is with the horse.

  • If you cannot supervise your child, please make arrangements for someone else to be “on duty” in your stead. Jess and Meggan are NOT responsible for your children outside of their appointed lesson times.

  • DO NOT let your horse loose outside of an enclosed area or arenas.

  • Please clean up after yourself and your horse. This includes hair, manure, tack (KLEENEX in the winter!!) from arenas, grooming areas, driveway and the lounge.

  • Insuring your tack and equipment is YOUR responsibility. Please check with your insurance carrier to make sure you have coverage for your tack, trailer, equipment, etc.


  • NOTIFY US if you notice something amiss – a faulty waterer, broken rail, sick or injured horse, etc.

  • If you are the last person here at night, please make sure the barn/arena lights are off, lock your tack room, close barn doors, and close driveway gates.

Have questions about any of these rules or suggestions about how to keep our horses safe and clients happy? Let us know!